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Like many catfish, swai fish are not picky about the food they eat and are often labeled as bottom-feeders. As such, swai fish in Vietnamese fish farms are occasionally fed food waste and other garbage from local restaurants and from the fish farms themselves...

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While the two fish do have a similar flavor when cooked, swai is different from the common catfish farmed and sold in the U.S. Swai and catfish are often mistaken because the common scientific name of swai is "Sutchi Catfish," and swai is commonly sold as imported catfish.

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Swai fish is catfish farmed in Southeast Asia, but sold in American stores as affordable packaged fillets. It is closely related to basa fish, a type of catfish, and can substitute for it or for flounder or tilapia in recipes.

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A Swai fish is a striped catfish that lives in freshwater and tropical areas of Asia. It is an important food source in Thailand and Vietnam. They are also known as Iridescent sharks and Siamese sharks because of their somewhat resemblance to sharks.

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Wash fish fillets and set aside. My pic is swai this time. We also love catfish and speckled trout this way. Mix together buttermilk and half that amount of sour cream. For instance if you are using 1 cup buttermilk then use 1/2 cup sour cream.

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Enter white fish like Swai, which is seen as an affordable alternative to pricier fish, readily accessible to the masses.

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Is swai fish safe - Is pangasius (swai, basa) fish safe in pregnancy? Pangsius. There are some possible concerns.

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Swai and catfish are biologically related, but Tilapia is a Cyclid and as such quite far removed. I think the biological relation is not all that critical to their similar taste which you dislike though. The taste of fish relies on a few factors such as

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Swai fish is layered with Miracle Whip(R) and Asiago cheese creating a quick and easy way to cook fish under a creamy topping.

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Have you heard of swai fish? This is a species of fish belonging to the same family as the catfish, and because it also resembles a shark, is sometimes called a shark catfish. This species of fish originates in the warm water climates of Asia, mostly Vietnam.

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Swai fish (actual name: Iridescent shark, biological nomenclatural name: Pangasianodon hypophthalmus), is a type of catfish in the same family (Pangasiidae) with the edible Basa fish. Both Swai fish and Basa fish are edible...

Three restaurants cited for allegedly selling swai fish as catfish

The fish has developed a reputation for being below quality standards because of the conditions on some fish farms in Southeast Asia. Selling swai fish as catfish brings a $400 to $950 fine and up to 120 days in jail, according to the release.

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to determine whether your catfish is from the Mekong Delta or the Mississippi Delta). Swai is a white-flesh fish (typically available in fillet form) with a sweet mild, taste and light flaky texture that can be broiled, grilled, or coating with bread crumbs and fried, according to experts.

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Swai fish is an edible catfish that is native to Vietnam. This fish has a sweet, moist taste and a delicate texture. Swai fish have beige-colored flesh that turns white when cooked.

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Swai fish is a framed river cat fish, which is native to South Asia. Swai fish is an excellent source of Omega-3 fatty acids. Also, Swai is low in cholesterol and saturated fats. Although Swai is similar to American catfish, they are light, flaky, and sweet.

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You can use swai in place of catfish in your favorite recipes and it's even sturdy enough to cook on the grill. The versatile fish boasts a mild flavor that can be complemented with a variety of seasonings. Grill it for a short time over high flames for a delectable main course.

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My wife got online and read some bad reviews, including that they serve Swai instead of Catfish. So I called them because (A) I need to make sure they fry the fish separated from the oil used to fry shellfish (allergies by my Mom) and (B) are the fish Swai or Catfish.

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Catfish is a fish I can not stand. My family buys and loves tilapia and swai and no matter how I cook, grill, bake, fry, season, marinate, flour it, breadcrumb it, and use panko and even try to make fish fingers, it still tastes like catfish.

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Swai Fish: The Controversial Catfish From Southeast Asia. Another fish has been making headway in many markets is the Swai fish. ... Email; Ever since the ... people actually prefer Swai over U.S. catfish.

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Old School Fisherman Discovers 3 Catfish Fishing "Tricks" He Used To Catch Catfish (Or Starve)... ...and we'll customize them for you based on your answers to our Old School Catfish Fishing Quiz... You're about to discover

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Swai is a fish from the Pangasius family and is similar to catfish. It's described as a river-farmed catfish, sometimes simply referred to in the U.S. as just "catfish." Swai fish are native to Southeast Asia, specifically Vietnam, Thailand, Laos and Cambodia.

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What Is Swai Fish and Basa Fish, And How Do I Use It? Swai and Basa Fish are part of the cat fish family. They are a cheap, mild white fish that works well with tons of recipes!

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Once fried, some people will also serve this fish with a wide variety of different sauces. Similar to the catfish, it may be referred to in California and other places as a river farmed catfish.

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Baked Swai (Catfish) Tacos. This is a super easy (and healthy) way to make fish tacos for dinner. We included a scoop of crunchy Chipotle Slaw and a few delicious slices of avocado to create a taco that tastes fresh and light.

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Southern Fried Cat Fish- Classic Southern Fried Catfish dipped in buttermilk and breaded in spicy seasoned cornmeal and fried to perfection.

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Boneless, White Fish fillet ( swai or tilapia ). Though it started with meat, later it was customized withfish and vegetables.

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Parmesan White Swai Fish - Swai Recipes. I have a similar recipe for salmon that I LOVE LOVE LOVE. Can't wait to try this.

Three restaurants cited for passing off swai as catfish

BATON ROUGE- The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries cited three restaurant managers for allegedly selling swai fish as catfish. According to a release, the citations took place at the end of last month.

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Furthermore, the two varieties of Vietnamese catfish sold in the US, Swai and Basa, aren't technically considered catfish by the federal government and therefore

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Swai is the preferred farmed species for fish farmers, being faster and less expensive to raise than Basa.

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Your customers will reward the difference in this fresh, organic and delicious catfish-swai-basa. a new, better way to buy the best seafood.

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The Swai fish taste pretty similar to catfish as a matter of fact. I think for people who do not like fish (because of the fishy smell or whatever), this fish has no smell at all and when I roasted it with tomatoes, basil and olive oil today, it was really delicious.


Real basa, P. bocourti, is one of 21 species in the Pagasiidae family of catfish found throughout Southeast Asia. Cambodian and Vietnamese fish farmers have raised basa in cages along the Mekong River for decades. But P. hypophthalmus, or swai, known locally as tra, has become the preferred...

Swai is a freshwater fish native to rivers in Vietnam, and catfish is...

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Swai fish benefits are making a name for this fish. It is an excellent source of Omega-3 fatty acids and can be used with a wide variety of herbs, spices, and flavorings. In different stores, you might locate this fish below the name shark catfish, striped catfish or basa. - Food Safety News

Regardless of name, Vietnamese Swai and Basa are not subject to the same inspections as other imported catfish because these fish are not considered catfish.

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Their eel-like tail fish are where they get their name. These catfish are usually quite small though bait anglers may catch some up to the max size.

China Swai fish fillet catfish, Find Swai fish fillet catfish from China...

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While the two fish do have a similar flavour when cooked, swai is different from the common catfish farmed and sold in the U.S. Swai and catfish are often mistaken because the common scientific name of swai is "Sutchi Catfish," and swai is commonly sold as imported catfish.

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Price 2018 - What Is Swai Catfish, Swai fish + 4 reasons to never eat it - dr. axe, Swai fish is an asian catfish that is often farmed in freshwater ponds contaminated with dangerous drugs and chemicals. there are other reasons to avoid it..

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Catfish is the most commonly fried fish commercially in the south. They are somewhat fatty and this sometimes gives them that familiar, peculiar, taste.

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Tilapia fish come from aimee blume. message anniversaire rencontre 2 ans Red snapper, cat fish, one side of regular catfish in love with.

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Fillet & Whole Fish. What Is Swai Fish. Julie Ann Brady : Blog On:... 100 Swai Recipes On Pinte...

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Blackened Swai or Catfish prior to placing in oven. This is soo easy - I buy what ever fish I like that is on sale. This week is was Swai. A mild asian fish. Ingredients: Catfish or Swai. Blackened Seasoning.

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Actually, all fish contains some level of mercury. Your mission is to avoid the following top 7 contaminated fish that should not be eaten

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My grocery store has this fish on sale. I've never heard of it. From what I have read, it is similar (or the same?) as catfish, but can't be called catfish in the US. So, for those of you who have tried it, how does Swai taste?

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For example, the catfish species commonly raised in Vietnam should be called Basa, Swai, or Tra to distinguish it from the U.S. farm raised catfish whose

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Range & Habitat: Swai fish are a fresh water fish found in the Mekong River basin of Southeast Asia as well as the Chao Phraya river system.

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Originally imported and marketed as Basa or Catfish, the fish now is only accepted by FDA to be marketed and sold as Striped Pangasius, Swai or Tra. The changes and variety in acceptable market names have caused some confusion...

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It appears there's been a sort of fish war on, with US fish catfish producers maligning their Vietnamese competitors. IMO the Vietnamese swai is a better product, has a lighter flavor and is less fatty than US catfish.


Murdocks Seafood has fresh fish, catfish, buffalo, orange roughy, basa and many other varieties of fish.

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The most prevalent commercial fishery for river catfish (including basa and swai) is the bagnet, or dai fishery. This fishery is a multi-species fishery targeting fish migrating onto river floodplains (Van Zalinge et al.

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