Smoking pot and bipolar disorder

Cannabis for Bipolar Disorder: Is It Safe to Smoke Pot? (5 Studies)

Bipolar disorder is a mental disorder characterized by manic episodes with elevated or irritable mood which alternate with episodes of depression.

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I've been a regular user of marijuana but I was told that smoking pot brought out a bi polar disorder and I have recently been diagnosed with such.

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I started smoking pot around the same time. Note (I refuse to accept any statement claiming that marijuana causes bipolar disorder.)For me smoking pot was 1000% more effective at calming both my mania and my depression than drugs prescribed by the...

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Smoking weed helped me get off all the other ant-anxiety meds I was taking, which are alot worse for your health by the way. I've been smoking for years every day and I'm fine. It has never caused anxiety for me.

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Well, smoking pot isn't going to help you very much. Do you notice that you get very irritable when you no longer have any? The best thing for you to is to

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Bipolar Disorder and Smoking. Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by ohsoprofound, May 17, 2011.

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Bipolar disorder is a common condition among millions and a new study suggest smoking pot might actually help the mental condition. Statistics in a test studied show that those who used marijuana had less severe bipolar than those who haven't tried the banned substance.

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When I was in business school, I was diagnosed with major depression, and then re-diagnosed with bipolar disorder several years later.

Teenage cannabis use linked to bipolar disorder in later life

Smoking pot during your teenage years is being directly linked to the development of bipolar disorder symptoms in later life, a new study suggests. The research looked at the implications of using cannabis at age 17.

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Bipolar disorder, previously known as manic depression, is a condition that affects your moods, which can swing from one extreme to another.

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Bipolar I disorder (pronounced "bipolar one" and also known as manic-depressive disorder or manic depression) is a form of mental illness.

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83. People with bipolar disorder are over twice as likely to smoke (51% versus 23%). 84. Bipolar disorder is also strongly correlated with overweight and obesity. One study showed bipolar disorder to be the mental health problem most strongly linked to weight gain.

Bipolar Disorder May Be Ameliorated By Pot Smoking, Research Finds

But a new study on bipolar disorder and pot smoking has yielded a surprising result, indicating that those diagnosed suffering from the condition have demonstrated better mental health overall when having used marijuana versus those who had not experimented with the banned herb.

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The rate of smoking among people with bipolar disorder is incredibly high. Studies have found that 50-70% of people with bipolar disorder smoke , compared with 20% of the general population.

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However, if you live in a non-legal state you may be subject to ordering CBD hemp oil online, or left to buying pot on the black market (which is something that we of course cannot legally recommend). Here are several of the most common ways to use marijuana for bipolar disorder: Smoking.

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Rates of bipolar disorder in men and women are about equal and the typical onset of symptoms occur around 25 years of age. There are many types of bipolar disorder; three of the most common include Bipolar I Disorder, Bipolar II Disorder, and Cyclothymic Disorder.

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Will smoking pot have bad effects on meds. I noticed that I am abit off, but not by much. In this crazy world pot is the one thing that really settles me down.

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Bipolar disorder and cannabis have a rocky relationship. Why? The disorder itself is incredibly complicated.

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anybody out there who medicates for bipolar disorder notice a difference in the symptom relief from smoking vs vaping?

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It is important to emphasize that with Bipolar 1 Disorder, there is always a chance of becoming manic. Some become psychotic (paranoid, hallucinate) from ingesting or smoking marijuana. The type of pot with energetic-hallucinogenic effects is sativa.

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I know many many times bi polar disorder is mis diagnosed as schitzophrenia and vise versa. I am pretty possitive mania would not result in either case from smoking a heavy indica.

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Depression and bipolar disorder are two mental illnesses that change the way people feel and make it hard for them to go about their daily routine.

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Medication is most effective when used in combination with other bipolar disorder treatments, including therapy, self-help coping strategies, and healthy lifestyle choices. Tips for getting the most out of medication for bipolar disorder.

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Bipolar disorder, also called manic-depressive disorder, is a mental illness in which a person experiences frequent mood swings.

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Most people diagnosed with bipolar disorder have already been living and coping with the symptoms long before their diagnosis.

Study: Pot May Improve Cognitive Functioning in Bipolar Disorder

Patients with bipolar I disorder performed better in neurocognitive assessments when they had a history of marijuana use.

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Is it possible to prevent bipolar disorder? Where can people find more information about bipolar disorder, bipolar disorder support groups, and doctors who treat it?

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Research into the link between substance abuse and bipolar disorder is scant because studies on bipolar patients tend to screen out users.(GETTY IMAGES)The mood swings, mania, panic, and deep depression experienced by people with bipolar disorder are hard enough to bear.

Teen pot smoking linked to bipolar symptoms in adulthood

Teenagers smoking pot two to three times in a week is linked to bipolar symptoms in later years, warns a recent study.

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I have bipolar disorder and fully understand the need to self medicate- to calm down and to escape the mood swings. There is no judgement here. I smoked way too much pot in the 80s to ever judge someone for their choices.

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Cyclothymic disorder is a mild form of bipolar disorder, and bipolar disorder not otherwise specified (BP-NOS) is characterized by symptoms that don't last long

Smoking Marijuana Increases Risk Of Developing Bipolar Disorder

The risk, though, grew with the amount of pot smoked, the study noted. This seems to imply that stopping marijuana use would also decrease the risk of developing such problems as bipolar disorder.

Bipolar Disorder: What causes bipolar disorder?

Bipolar disorder is a brain disorder that results in extreme changes of mood, energy and ability to function.

Bipolar Disorder in Women: What Are the Symptoms?

Women with bipolar disorder are at an increased risk of onset or relapse due to hormone fluctuations. With proper medical treatment and symptom management, women with bipolar disorder have a favorable outlook.

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Others use marijuana by smoking the pot using a water pipe called a bong. Blunts, or hollowed out cigars filled with marijuana are another common method of smoking weed.

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The potential for cannabis as a treatment for bipolar disorder unfortunately cannot be fully explored in the present social circumstances.

Bipolar affective disorder (manic depression)

Bipolar affective disorder is also known as manic depression or bipolar depression. Find out what causes it and what symptoms are involved?

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Bipolar disorder is also known as bipolar affective disorder or manic depression. Sufferers of this mental disorder exhibit periods of uplifted...

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Because bipolar disorder is a chronic illness, treatment must be ongoing. If left untreated, the symptoms of bipolar disorder get worse, so diagnosing it and beginning treatment early is important.

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An effective treatment for the extreme ups and downs of bipolar disorder has long eluded conventional medicine. -

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Bipolar Disorder. Do you go through intense moods? Do you feel very happy and energized some days, and very sad and depressed on other days?

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I do not agree with pot at all for bipolar patients. My finace is bipolar smoking almost 7 grams a week.

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Living Well with Depression and Bipolar Disorder: What Your Doctor Doesn't Tell You...That You Need to Know, by John Mcmanamy.

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allow me to story tell. once my mother and i were having a fight when i was, oh, probably 16. this was the year it peaked. i confessed to my mother that i had been smoking pot and having sex with strange boys, that

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I started smoking pot during my junior year of college, after a loud and messy breakup with my first girlfriend that sent me into an absolutely manic rage.

Top Homeopathic Remedies for Bipolar Disorder treatment

How Homeopathy can cure Bipolar Disorder ? Homeopathic remedies for bipolar disorder are very beneficial and helpful in treating the condition.

Casual Marijuana Smoking Not Harmful to Lungs

The study included few heavy users, which may be one key to why pot smoking isn't as harmful as tobacco smoking.

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If the CPSBC's reckless efforts continue unchecked, it could eventually leave unstable people with bipolar disorder on the streets, without a doctor, smoking pot (as the only relief from mid-brain distress/damage)...

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George McMahon, author and medical marijuana patient in the US Federal Drug Administration's Investigational New Drug (IND) program, stated in his 2003 book Prescription Pot

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Bipolar disorder patients not only have deeper highs and lows but also they experience physical changes in sleep, appetite, concentration, memory, motivation and energy levels.

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I smoked pot last night while I was hanging out with him (he did not smoke) and I started recognizing that he does not meet the "criteria" for bipolar disorder. His eyes were what gave away his disorder, they were empty when he was not trying to impress me.

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A large-scale study found marijuana use as an adult is not associated with mood and anxiety disorders, including depression and bipolar disorder, contradicting the results of prior studies.

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However, it is NOT for Bipolar Disorder. I've even begun to question my diagnosis because my "anxiety" level has gone up through the atmosphere.

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Before we discuss Treating Bipolar Disorder Faster EFT we must initially define the disease and illustrate its general symptoms.

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Obviously someone who smokes pot regularly will find their judgement impaired and this will contribute to such behaviour.

The Use of Cannabis as a Mood Stabilizer in Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder is treatedmainly with lithium salts and anticonvulsant drugs, which can have seriousside effects.