Which qb has won the most super bowls

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At Super Bowl LII, the Patriots' Tom Brady has the chance to pad his lead among quarterbacks with the most Super Bowl titles.

Which QB has won the most Super Bowls

AAA AAA. What qb has won the most Super Bowls? Terry Bradshaw and Joe Montana with 4 each. Share to: Answerguy99.

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Which NFL quarterback has the most Super Bowl rings, and is he still active? How many NFL teams have won a Super Bowl in their home stadium?

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New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has a chance to create a three-way tie atop the NFL's list of quarterbacks with the most Super Bowl wins. If Brady beats the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday, he will earn his fourth Super Bowl ring.

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Super Bowls won: Super Bowl IX, X, XIII, XIV In just six years, Bradshaw won four Super Bowl titles with the Pittsburgh Steelers

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Who Are Some Quarterbacks Who Have Won Super Bowl Titles? Which Player Has the Most Super Bowl Rings?

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Fifty-five quarterbacks have started the Super Bowl, and 31 have won it. Only four of the more than 14,000 U.S. colleges and universities can boast they have

Which school has produced the most Super Bowl quarterbacks?

The three Alabama quarterbacks are a combined 4-0 in the Super Bowl, one of just two schools whose QBs have made that with that many starts without losing.

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New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady will make his eighth Super Bowl appearance Sunday against the Philadelphia Eagles.

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No rookie QB has ever won or even started a Super Bowl game, but...

Not only has a rookie never won a Super Bowl, but a rookie also has not even started one. Not every rookie QB is like Dak Prescott, though.

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With just a 45.5% completion, and under 800 yards passing, with seven TDs and eight INTs, it has to be considered one of the most unimpressive seasons by a starting QB on a winning team, much less one that won the Super Bowl.

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The Philadelphia Eagles may have been the underdogs in Super Bowl LII, but they won over the support of fans who may never have cheered for them before, because of the strong faith that binds them.

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Multi-dimensional QB Marcus Mariota has flashed brilliance on the field and needed just two years to win over the locker room.

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5. Can you name the four players that have won both the Heisman Trophy and Super Bowl MVP? Big Game Performances. 6. Who was the first quarterback in NFL history to throw

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Last names only, either order. In some cases, either the QB or the coach may have won a Super Bowl, but not with the other one.

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We analyzed the championship seasons of the quarterbacks who won the past 10 Super Bowls to get a better understanding of NFL trends.

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But is Joe Flacco elite? In the NFL, the legacy a quarterback leaves behind and their rank on the all-time list of greatest QBs is determined by a number of factors. Perhaps more so than passing yards, TDs, or career wins, the number of Super Bowl rings a QB has is one of the most significant...

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Peyton Manning is the only QB (Quarterback) to take multiple teams to the Super Bowl on more than one occasion.

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Not to mention eli has won two super bowl despite being the underdog team in every game. He is also still in his early thirties and has a chance to win more Super bowls and more Superbowl mvps.

Nick Foles about to do what no Super Bowl-winning QB has

Foles? He fashioned one of the most remarkable postseason performances ever, won the Super Bowl MVP, delivered the

Brady end run on Belichick might have won intrasquad Super Bowl

Patriots coach Bill Belichick and star QB Tom Brady have won five Super Bowls together, and are in the discussion for a sixth as the playoffs begin.

Nick Foles About to Do What No Super Bowl-winning QB Has

Because none of this would work if he weren't just as remarkable a person as he is a quarterback. Foles is about to do something nobody has ever done.

The Rise Of Nick Foles: How A Journeyman QB Became A Super...

The world suddenly wanted a word with Nick Foles, the discarded, unheralded, former backup Eagles quarterback who had just outdueled Tom Brady to lead Philadelphia to a 41-33 Super Bowl win.

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On the other hand, many people have questioned the merits of some quarterbacks who have won the Super Bowl in the past. Luck, a good defense and a strong running game can all take pressure off a mediocre QB, and it can sometimes be enough to earn them a Super Bowl ring.

Super Bowl: handicapping which NFL playoff QB has best golf game

MORE: Golf Q&A with Falcons' MVP quarterback Matt Ryan. Matt Ryan has played several times in the American Century Celebrity Golf Championship and carries around +1.2 handicap. He has the Falcons back in the playoffs seeking redemption for last year's dramatic Super Bowl loss.

8. He also holds the record for most Super Bowl wins as head coach...

6. Patriots QB Tom Brady is tied with former NFL linebacker Charles Haley for the most Super Bowl wins by an individual player, at five.

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Only 11 men have quarterbacked a team to two or more Super Bowl championships. With names including Bart Starr, Terry Bradshaw

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In 1988, the first QB was not taken until the 76th pick, which is latest the first QB has ever been selected.

Only elite quarterbacks have won back-to-back Super Bowls

Every previous team to pull that off had a quarterback who is either already in the Hall of Fame or soon will be (Tom Brady of the New England Patriots, the only active QB to win consecutive

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I ranked all quarterbacks based on career achievements, with regular-season excellence, All-Pro/Pro Bowl appearances and seasons as top-five and top-10 players at the position carrying more weight than just Super Bowl success. (Spoiler: Jim Plunkett did not have a better career than Dan Marino.

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Still, many have other ideas of the best, and it appears former Washington Redskins defensive end Dexter Manley is among them. Manley won a pair of Super Bowls in his day, and when asked a question about the best quarterback he ever played against...

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From its humble start 48 years ago, the Super Bowl has grown into the most-watched event of the year.

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Tom Brady breaks down in tears while hugging his cancer-stricken mother after Patriots win historic FIFTH Super Bowl over Atlanta Falcons - cementing his status as the greatest QB of all time.

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Peyton Manning is the only starting quarterback to win a Super Bowl with two different teams: the Indianapolis Colts in 2007 and the Denver Broncos in 2016.

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That distinction belongs to Tom Brady, who delivered a 34-28 overtime win for the New England Patriots Sunday in Super Bowl LI in Houston against the shell-shocked Atlanta Falcons. The most accomplished quarterback in NFL history has Bay Area roots.

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The guy considered by many the best QB of all time is Joe Montana, who is 12th in all time passing yards (behind Kerry Collins!) but has four Super Bowl rings and three Super Bowl MVPs.

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The Broncos should of brought Manning in as there regular season stat-QB and then smoothly subbed him out for the post season when football becomes more about winning then scoring.

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To be fair, Tom Brady is the first QB to have 5 Super Bowl wins, and only the second player ever. Brady is second to LB Charles Haley, who was the first to 5 Super Bowls. None of those players you listed have more than 3 Super Bowls.


14 Which QB will have the most passing yards? Tom Brady. 15 Who has the most receiving yards? Julio Jones.

The Denver Broncos win one of the worst Super Bowls ever.

Super Bowl 50 was a grim, joyless, maddeningly ugly football game. As far as I was concerned, it was over in the first quarter, after Denver put up a quick 10 points; only three teams in Super Bowl history have overcome a 10-point deficit to win the game...

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5. Which team has the longest Super Bowl win streak? A. New England Patriots, 5 B. San Francisco 49ers, 5 C. New York Giants, 5 D. Dallas Cowboys, 5.

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The star quarterback has won two NFL MVP awards, four Super Bowl MVP awards and a record five Super Bowls wins.

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He played 15 years in the league, won the Heisman Trophy at Stanford, and is the only eligible two-time Super Bowl winning quarterback not in

More super bowl wins and appearances, less interceptions, Brady...

How many super bowls has tom won?3, how many has Peyton one?1. Rings are the main part on basing players so tom Brady beats Peyton in rings it's the truth you can't change the

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Only Joe Montana and Terry Bradshaw have won four Super Bowls as NFL quarterbacks, and with a win in Super Bowl XLVII Brady would join them.

Drew Brees Is the Most Underrated QB in NFL History, and...

As it has turned out, the nine-time Pro Bowler responded by playing some of the best football of his career.

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I'm not sure who the most overrated QB is, it was Vince Young last year but now everyone seems to think he's garbage so it's not him.

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Prior to this day, The Pats had never won a Super Bowl or championship of any kind. It was truly the beginning of an era.